Dr. Chappell first learned electro-acupuncture techniques in 1977. He has not used this therapy very much in his practice in recent years because of the extra time required. Because we are now a private association, we have more freedom to offer innovative treatments. At the same time, Dr. Chappell has learned a new approach called 8-needle acupuncture, which is based more on the English system of acupuncture. English acupuncture is quicker (than oriental acupuncture) and virtually painless because it uses tiny needles to a more shallow depth.

Some people responded to a single treatment, but most patients require 6-12 visits once or twice a week. A few might need to get treatment occasionally on a maintenance basis. The treatments are perfectly compatible with the other treatments that we offer at COHA as well as conventional medications. Some of the common problems that can respond to 8-needle acupuncture include the following:

--pain, virtually anywhere in the body

--deafness, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), dizziness

--depressed immunity

--abnormal blood pressure, circulation problems

--digestive problems

--urination and breathing problems

--anxiety, stress, depression


--out-of-control habits such as smoking and overeating

--muscle spasms, injuries, restless legs

You can call the office to set up for an appointment or series, if you are interested.


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