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Low-Dose Allergens (LDA)
More than eighty years ago, researchers demonstrated that a person's sensitivity to a certain allergen could be lessed over time by injecting into the blood small amounts, or extracts, of the allergen itself.  This treatment is known as immunotherapy ("desensitization" or "allergy shots").  Starting with a concentration low enough to not cause any reaction at all, the dose is gradually increased with every injection, allowing the immune system to slowly build up a tolerance to the allergen.  Once the initial series is completed, regular injections are usually needed to maintain this level of "desensitization," but in some cases the immune system is normalized to a point where the patient needs no maintenance shots and is "cured."
A new, comprehensive desensitization program called Low-Dose Allergens (LDA) is now available at the Celebration of Health Association.  Developed by Dr. W.A. Shrader of Santa Fe, New Mexico, this treatment is effective in a large variety of conditions not previously considered responsive to any immunotherapy.  The method involves desensitization with a combination of a very low dose of mixed allergens with the activating enzyme beta glucuronidase.  The beta glucuronidase appears to potentiate the immunizing effects of the allergens and acts directly on the T-Suppressor cells, thus inducing longer-lasting desensitization than does any type of previously known immunotherapy.  The injection is necessary every two to three months at first, and then less often over time

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