Commonly Asked Questions

Can you help me?
While we do not have the answer for every patient and every problem, we can almost always find some approach that will be of significant help for most patients. Just by finding ways to help the body function better, many problems improve and often resolve. We will try to give you several choices, while explaining the potential risks and benefits of each. If we are unlikely to be able to help, we will tell you. We depend on your referrals, and we want happy patients.

Will my insurance pay?
Many insurance companies reimburse for at least part of our services, but we cannot predict what a particular company will do. We will provide you with the best care we can, but sometimes alternative therapies are by definition not considered "usual and customary," and are thus disallowed. If we can help you with a letter, we will do so.

Why aren't you in Medicare?
Medicare requires all doctors to use certain codes that do not fit for alternative medicine. They ask you to put down the closest one. If they later determine that the wrong code was used, they can charge you with fraud, punishable by six-figure fines and possible imprisonment. Our lawyer advised us that it would be extremely risky for us to continue in Medicare. Patients are still covered for some lab testing and for hospitalization. We can order these services to be done elsewhere, but not provide them on site.

How will I know if I am getting better?
We believe in a scientific approach to medical care. We will measure your outcome with symptom questionnaires and by follow-up testing whenever we can do so on a cost-efficient basis. We want to know if we are helping you. If not, we need to change the treatment plan.

Should I tell my other doctor(s) what I am doing?
We much prefer to have open communication with other treating physicians. We all should be working together on your behalf. We do understand that there are a few doctors who are hostile toward alternative medicine. If you have such a doctor that you want to keep, we will certainly respect your wishes to keep silent. We do recommend that you maintain a family physician to cover emergencies. Otherwise, you will have to rely on your local emergency room or urgent care center.



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