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L. Terry Chappell, M.D.
Family Practice and Preventive Medicine


Born:  12/23/42 in South Haven, Michigan



Work experience

Private Practice: - Pandora, OH 1972-73
   - West Union, OH "Health on Wheels" 1976-77
   - Celebration of Health Association-Bluffton, OH - 1978 to Present
   - Free Health Care Clinic- Lima, Ohio 1992 to present

Education & Hospital Staffs:

2010 - present

2010 - present

Secondary Education:  South Haven, Michigan
Undergraduate Education:       DePauw University, 1961-1965         B.A. Degree 6/65


Medical School:        University of Michigan 1965-69        M.D. Degree 6/69
Internship:       St. Benedict's Hospital        Ogden, UT 1969-1970


Staff Physician:
- Clover Fork Medical Clinic, Evarts, KY 1970-1971
- Lima State Hospital, Lima, OH 1971-72 and 1973-75
- Adams-Brown Medical Center, West Union, OH 1975-76

Medical Director:   Allen County Health Dept. - Lima, OH 1974-75

Private Practice: - Pandora, OH 1972-73
   - West Union, OH "Health on Wheels" 1976-77
   - Celebration of Health Association-Bluffton, OH - 1978 to Present
   - Free Health Care Clinic- Lima, Ohio 1992 to present

Hospital Staffs:   
Harlan Appalachian Regional Hospital - Harlan, KY  1970-71
St. Rita's Hospital - Lima, OH 1972-75
Lima Memorial Hospital - Lima, OH 1972-75 and 1978 to Present(Retired category currently)
Bluffton Community Hospital-Bluffton, OH 1972-75, 1978 -2000
Chief of Staff in 1979-80
Adams County Hospital - West Union, OH 1975-77
Chief of Staff 1977
Blanchard Valley Regional Health Center – Findlay, OH  1978-2001


* Lima Academy of Medicine - 1980 to Present
* Ohio State Medical Association - 1984 to Present
* American Academy of Family Physicians - 1972 to Present, Fellow 1978 to Present
* Friends Medical Society - 1978 to 2000
* American Holistic Medical Association - 1979 to Present
* Medical Director of Allen Acres (Children's Home) 1979-83 and Agape Homes for the  
  Retarded 1979 - 1987
* Sole Physician for Free Clinic at Samaritan House, Lima, Ohio (for homeless women &  
  children)  October, 1992 to Present, currently at the Lima YMCA
* Sec/Treas Lima Area Academy of Family Physicians 1981-84
* Co-founder and President Bd. of Directors Bluffton YMCA (now called Bluffton Family 
* Who's Who Directory of Medical Specialists 1977-Present
* AMA Physician's Recognition Award 1974 to Present
* Fellow AAFP 1978-Present
* Advisor Bluffton College School of Nursing & Department of Social Work 1979-1986
* Ohio Academy of Family Physicians 1972 – Present
* American College for the Advancement of Medicine '82-Present
  Board of Directors 1988-2000
  Fellow 1990 to Present;
  Elected President-Elect November, 1993
  President November 1995-1997
  Chairman of Scientific Advisory Committee.  1998- 2000
* Assistant Clinical Professor - Wright State Univ. School of Medicine 1976 to Present
* Assistant Clinical Professor Medical College of Ohio 1982 to 1990
* Preceptor for students of many professional schools
* Chairman Task Force for Preventive Health Care & Education- Blanchard   Valley       
  Hospital, 1980
* Listed in Who's Who in Midwest - 1980
* Lecturer at many seminars and programs, including radio, T.V. and university campuses
* Great Lakes Association of Clinical Medicine-1984-Present
  President in 1988 -1989; Board of Directors 1985-1990 and 1999- Present. 
  Secretary of Institutional Review Board for Research Activities 1989 – 2000
  Coordinator for Scientific Advisory Committee, 1998-Present
* Board of Directors - Bluffton Natural Health Chapter 1985 to 2007
* Rheumatoid Disease Foundation 1985 - Present
* American Society of General Laser Surgery 1987 to 1993
* American Society of Laser Medicine & Surgery 1988-1993
* Editor of The Laser News, 1987 to 1993
* International Academy of Proctology, 1988 to 1993
* American Association of Orthopedic Medicine - 1989 - Present
* American Preventive Medicine Association-Board member 1993 - 2000
* Health Research Foundation, Inc. - Scientific Advisory Board, 1994 - Present
* American Academy of Environmental Medicine 1994 – 2001to Present
* Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization Society-Advisory Board 1998 to 2006
* Board of Directors, International Board of Advanced Longevity Medicine 1998 to 2002
*American Comprehensive Medical Association 2000
*American Institute of Medical Preventics-Advisory Board 2001 to present
* International College for Integrative Medicine Board of Directors 2000 to present
* International College for Integrative Medicine President 2002-2008
* Nurture Commission Chairperson, First Mennonite Church 2002-2004

* American Board of Metal Toxicology- Board Advisor  2002-present
* International Board of Metal Toxicology-Advisor to the Board 2002-2004
* Defeat Autism Now (DAN) Physician-Certified 2002, recertified 2008
*American Association of Health Freedom 2004-present
*International Oxidative Medical Association 2003-present
*Medical Director, Healthy Lifestyle Options 2005-Present
*Ohio Antibiotic Resistance and Animal Agriculture Working Group-2008-Present
*Board of Directors North West Region of Ohio Academy of Family Practice 2008-present
*Certified training with Steve Kaufman, D.C. in Pain Neutralization Technique, June 3-5, 2009, 
  Denver, CO.
*8 Needle Acupuncture Training with Steve Kaufman, D.C. (video course)

*"Health Promotion in the Workplace" with Kenneth Pelletier, M.D. as featured speaker.
   Program Chairman, Great Lakes Association of Clinical Medicine (GLACM) September, 1990   - Dearborn, Michigan.
*"Organization and Activities of Institutional Review Board" Lecture at GLACM, February, 1990    - Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
* Routine Use of Colposcopy as a Screening Test in Family Practice" Lecture at the  annual meeting of Ohio Academy of Family Physicians, August 10,1991-

   Columbus, OH.
*"Office-Based Research and Clinical Guidelines".  Program Chairman of GLACM February, 1991 - Chicago, Illinois.
* "Ethical Marketing of a Medical Practice".  Booth presentation at GLACM, February, 1991 -       Chicago, Illinois.
* "Successful Therapies in Incurable Disease".  Program Chairman, GLACM, September, 1991     - Cleveland,  

    Ohio.  Program qualified for American Academy of Family Physicians Category I    Credit.
*"Hot Seat Panel" - Questions from the audience of international meeting of American College for  Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) on treatment with

   EDTA Chelation Therapy.  May 15, 1993 - Dallas, Texas;   November 6, 1993 - Colorado Springs, Colorado; May 6, 1993 - Houston, Texas.

* "Cost Effectiveness of Alternative Medicine in the Workplace".  Lecture and Press Conference, GLACM, February 26, 1993 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
*  "Research Techniques" - Advanced Chelation Therapy Workshop - ACAM, May 5, 1993 - Houston, Texas.         
*  "The Correlation Between Improvement in Vascular Disease and EDTA Chelation Therapy - A Meta-Analysis".  Lecture with John Stahl, Ph.D., ACAM, May 7,

    1993 - Houston, Texas.
*  "Unpublished Data on EDTA Treatment of Vascular Disease".  Workshop with John Stahl, Ph.D. - ACAM, May 7, 1993 - Houston, Texas.
*  "Lifestyle Changes That Affect Cardiovascular Disease".  Lecture at GLACM Workshop on Treatment of Heavy Metal Toxicity.  September 15, 1993 -

    Cleveland, Ohio.
*  "A Cost-Effectiveness Model to Compare Modalities of Treatment".  Lecture - GLACM Meeting on Rapid Results in Patient Care, September 18, 1993 -

   Cleveland, Ohio.
*  "On-Going Meta-Analysis on the Effectiveness of EDTA Chelation Therapy in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease" - ACAM Lecture, November 7, 1993 -

    Anaheim, California.
*  "Chelation Therapy in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases" - American  Academy of Environmental Medicine annual meeting, October 1, 1995

    Tucson,  Arizona

*  Symposium by Ohio Citizens for Patient Rights.  Alternative Treatment for  Arthritis. September 28, 1996.  Toledo, OH.
*  EDTA and Other Antioxidants in Vascular Disease-ACAM, November 3, 1996.  Palm Springs, CA.

*  Alternatives for cardiovascular disease and arthritis. Ohio State Medical School   Alternative Medicine Day.  March 1996, 1997, and 1998 Columbus, OH.
*  Longevity Medicine in an Office Based Practice-ACAM, Spring 1998,Ft Lauderdale, FL.
*  Research Techniques in Longevity Medicine-ACAM, Fall, 1998, Phoenix, AZ.
*  How to Avoid the Ten Leading Causes of Death-ACAM, May 6, 1999, Orlando, FL.
*  Cardiovascular Risk Factor Assessment with Laboratory Testing, ACAM, May 6,
   1999, Orlando, FL.
* EDTA Chelation Therapy –Testimony before the Government Reform Committee, U.S. Congress, Representative Dan Burton, Chairman, March 10, 1999
*  Alternative Medicine-the Need for Legislation-Testimony before the Health
    Committee, Ohio State House of Representatives, Representative Dale Van
    Vyven, Chairman, April 7, 1999
*  Beyond LDL: Implications for Cardio Vascular Health and Longevity-ACAM,
    October 28, 1999 Reno NV.
*  Using the Laboratory to Monitor EDTA Chelation Therapy and Aggressively
   Reduce Risk Factors.  ACAM, October 28, 1999 Reno, NV.
* Clinical Laboratory Assessment of the Vascular Patient Including the Vulnerable Plaque.  Address at the ACAM meeting in Dallas, TX  5/04/00.
* Alternatives to Ritalin.  Create Peace in Children conference of the Northwest Ohio Special Education Resource Center, 5/12/00.
* Intravenous and oral adjuncts to improve the results with chelation therapy.  Address at GLCCM meeting in Pittsburgh, PA. 9/15/2000. 
* Safety and Choice in Medicine-the 5 Pillars of Health.  Bethel College Symposium.  N. Newton, KS.  11/03/00.
*  Research Techniques in Clinical Practice.  ACAM meeting in Nashville, TN.  5/12/01
*  Medical Expert Testimony before the Danish High Court on Chelation Therapy Research,  Copenhagen, Denmark.  5/1/01.
*  5 Pillars of Health- a weeklong major display with multiple speakers at the Mennonite National Conference in Nashville, 7/1/01.
* Underlying Infections as a Cause of Chronic Degenerative Diseases.  Senior Concerns   Center, Centerville, OH.  11/06/01.
* Organizer of Evidence-Based CME application of the ICIM meeting, March 6-10, 2002 to AAFP.
* Research Techniques in Alternative Medicine:  A Workshop with Derrick Lonsdale and Rakish Shukla at ACAM meeting in Nashville, TN, May 5, 2001.
* Published Articles in the Scientific Literature on the Effectiveness and Safety of EDTA Chelation Therapy.  A workshop at ICIM meeting in Cleveland, OH,

   October 1, 2001.
* Using the Laboratory to Monitor EDTA Chelation Therapy and Aggressively Reduce Risk Factors. A workshop at ICIM meeting in Tampa, FL, March 6, 2002.
* Strength of the Evidence talk at ICIM meeting, Tampa, FL, March 7, 2002.
* Environmental Toxins and Risk of Cancer and Other Toxins,  Tiffin, OH  March 25, 2002
* Laboratory Evidence of Risk Factors in Cardiovascular Disease, AAEM meeting Kansas City, MO, April 15, 2004 and ICIM meeting, Atlanta, GA, Oct 6, 2004.
* Evidence for the use of EDTA Chelation Therapy in Vascular Disease, AAEM meeting Kansas City, MO, April 15, 2004 and ICIM meeting, Atlanta, GA, Oct 6,

* Cardiac Events in Patients Treated with Chelation Therapy, ACAM meeting May 21,2004, AAEM meeting Kansas City, MO, April 15, 2004 and ICIM meeting,

   Atlanta, GA, Oct 6, 2004.
* Program Chair for ICIM meeting in Atlanta, GA Oct 6-10, 2004.
* Obesity: the Major Risk Factor at the Bluffton Health Chapter Aug 28, 2006.
* The Scientific Evidence for Reducing Cardiac Events with Chelation Therapy.  Workshop at ICIM meeting.  Sept. 23, 2006.

* Medical Expert Testimony on adverse health effects for neighbors of Confined Animal Feeding Organizations (CAFO).  Common Pleas Court, Defiance, Ohio,  February, 2006.

* What Works Best in Alternative Medicine, National Association of Health Promotion and  Disease Prevention, Indianapolis, November, 2006.
* Two presentations, Safety and Choice in Integrative Medicine and Lifestyle Factors in Cardiovascular Disease, International Association of Integrative  

   Medicine and Chinese  Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians, London, England, March, 2007.
* Lifestyle Factors with Integrative Medicine, International College of Integrative Medicine, Cincinnati, Ohio, March 23, 2007.
* Lifestyle Factors, Public seminar in Lima, Ohio, April 9, 2007, Available as a DVD and posted on healthcelebration.com and icimed.com.
* What Does the Evidence Say About a Natural Approach to Cardiovascular Disease? , Ohio Association of Occupational Nurses, October 2008, Lima, OH.
* The Medical Home, International College of Integrative Medicine, Indianapolis, IN, March 2009.
*  Chappell, L.T. Current status of Chelation Therapy for cardiovascular disease.  Advance metals workshop at iMOSAIC conference, Minneapolis, MN.  April 7,

* Rapid Therapeutic Response with Pain Neutralization Technique, International College for Integrative Medicine, Lexington, KY, March 31, 2012.
* Organizer of workshop on Cardiac Risk Factors, International College for Integrative Medicine, Lexington, KY, March 31-April 1, 2012.
*  Women’s Cardiovascular Health, Seminar in Toledo, OH, April 2012.

​Peer Review Activities:
* Consultant for Ohio State Medical Board for disciplinary investigations regarding Family Practice and Alternative Medicine - 1992 to 1996.
* Reviewer for Alternative Medicine Review A Journal of Clinical Therapeutics" Richard
Birdsall, Editor-In-Chief.  1996 to Present
* Reviewer to Evaluate Articles Submitted for Publication:  Journal of Advancement in Medicine - 1993 to 1999.
*  OnLine Journal of Alternative Medicine - 1993 to 1999.
* Reviewer for Prevention is Basic to Health Reform, a major position paper from Partnership for Prevention, Washington, D.C., March, 1993.
* Reviewer for Alternative Therapies.  1996-present.
* Vital Cast Radio Network Advisor Board of Experts 1999-2000.
* Reviewer and Editorial Board.  Clinical Practice of Alternative Medicine.  Derrick Lonsdale, Editor-in Chief.  1999-2003
* Consultant for National Institutes of Health and National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine to evaluate request for applications of

  Chelation Therapy for vascular disease with 4 University professors in Bethesda, MD January 5, 2002.  Also consultation in Bethesda in March 2000.

* Reviewer for American Journal of Cardiology November 2002.
* Workshop Coordinator for Protection and Profitability Workshop, ICIM meeting, Grand  Rapids, MI, 9/14/05 and 9/15/05. Presentations on “What works

  best in clinical practice” and “Electronic Medical Records How they can save time and make you more efficient.”
* Pearls and Nuggets of Clinical Practice-9/18/05 ICIM meeting, Grand Rapids, MI 
* Program Committee for International College of Integrative Medicine programs on  “Wellness”  in Nashville and “Nutrition” in Pittsburgh-both 2008.


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