Do I Have Early Cancer?

Symptoms: None. Cancer often begins to grow six years before there are any signs or symptoms. Screening can pick up common cancers when they are more easily cured. Screening is very important, especially if you have any family history for cancer.


Breast cancer -- Recent evidence does not show that getting mammograms increases a woman's lifespan. This has created a huge medical controversy. In some women, mammography picks up early cancers. But there are many false positives and we have some concern about radiation risk while the tissue is compressed. For screening, we believe that mammograms no more often than every 2-3 years might be an option.


Recommended testing -- Thermograms yearly (no radiation or compression) beginning at age 35 plus a urine test for hormone balance.


Monthly -- Self-exams


Cervical cancer -- Yearly pap tests beginning at age 21


Prostate cancer -- Yearly rectal exams and PSA blood test after age 45


Testicular cancer -- Monthly self-exams


Lung cancer -- Yearly chest x-rays If significant smoking history


Colon cancer --


Screening -- Stool for blood x 3


At least one colonoscopy after age 45 to look for polyps


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