Terry Chappell, MD
Celebration of Health Association
Bluffton, Ohio

The body and mind work together powerfully to promote healing. For many years, we have sought and tested various techniques to enhance healing. One of the most common responses we hear after a series of treatments is “Wow, that’s amazing!” Not every technique works for every patient, but usually we can find one that is remarkably effective. For best results, 6-12 treatment sessions are often required, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the technique and the patient response. Office visits, telephone consults, and treatments that you give yourself at home can be utilized. Any problem that involves fatigue, pain, stress and/or allergies might be treated effectively. Hypertension, heart problems, digestive problems, and immune difficulties frequently respond. Our key techniques are as follows: Acupuncture for pain relief, habit control and many other medical problems—we treat with needles or electrical stimulation of points throughout the body that are out of balance. The needles are so tiny that you barely feel them.




One technique that involves tapping on acupuncture points without needles.  EFT (emotional freedom technique) treats primarily stress-related conditions, including panic attacks, phobias, habit-control, anxiety and depression. PNT (pain neutralization technique) to relieve muscle spasms by light counter pressure on the affected muscle group and Neural Therapy, which uses injections of local anesthetics to eliminate trigger points for pain.




Reiki to relieve energy blockages and relieve stress. Research has documented these blockages with Kirlean photography. Home B12 shots for neuromuscular problems, fatigue and stress that work well for an estimated 60-70% of our patients, who give these shots to themselves at home. Very inexpensive. Home shots with HCG (human chorionic gonatotropin) for incredibly fast weight loss. Usually combined with a restricted carbohydrate diet. PACE exercise program that is much easier and takes less time than most exercise programs. It is extremely effective in burning off fat and achieving cardiovascular fitness.



Energy Medicine is an important part of what we do at COHA. It can be used by itself or as an adjunct to improve results with our other therapies, which include prolotherapy to relieve joint pain and strengthen ligaments, IDD treatments for disc problems, chelation therapy to remove toxic metals and improve circulation, and a wide variety of nutritional supplements, herbs, natural hormones, thyroid and adrenal support, yeast treatment, allergy shots, digestive help and detoxification. We also like to work with chiropractors, massage therapists, and osteopaths. We believe that religious faith can greatly enhance healing. All of this comes together at COHA to get the best results possible.


The information on this website is only the opinion of COHA. It is not meant to be medical advice. Before you do anything, you should seek the advice of your personal physician. This is information only. No treatment is proposed, no cure is implied, and no claim is made for the effectiveness of any treatment or test.

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