Healing the Eye Therapy

Dr. Kondrot Program



Our goal is to establish a three way treatment team including Dr. Chappell and the family optometrist or ophthalmologist (their local vision doctor of choice), with Dr. Kondrot providing overall guidance.  The local eye doctor’s role is mainly to help monitor the results.  First the patient has an initial visit with Dr. Chappell to explain what we do.  If the patient wants to proceed with the intensive three day program, we obtain records from a recent (within the past three months) visual exam from their vision doctor.  We especially want an up-to-date intraocular pressure reading and retinal photography and optical coherence tomography, if available. We send the records to Dr. Kondrot, who programs the micro-current machine for that patient and offers other suggestions.



We carefully measure visual acuity, contrast perception and visual fields immediately before and after the three day intensive session. Therapies include IV and oral nutrition, detoxification (especially lead and cadmium, as measured by an EDTA challenge test), oxidative therapy, micro-current, light therapy and stress reduction.  It is rare not to see improvements in these three days.  In Dr. Kondrot’s experience, most patients decide to continue with the three-five month treatment period, which consists of weekly visits to our office for IVs and daily self-administered home treatments. 



Local vision doctors can do their own monitoring as indicated, and we especially would like to see follow-up IOP, retinal pictures, and OCT.  Of course, the most important improvements for the patients are in visual fields and acuity.  Any changes in medication would probably be prescribed by their local vision doctor and would be done only after distinct improvement is documented. 


If you have an eye problem and want to see if we are likely to be able to help you avoid invasive procedures, Dr. Chappell would be happy to schedule a free phone consultation to discuss the treatment with you.  The treatment program is very safe and the chances for success are very good.



Edward Kondrot, M.D., a renowned homeopathic ophthalmologist, has developed a comprehensive holistic treatment program for various eye conditions such as glaucoma, wet and dry macular degeneration, cataracts, retinitis pigmentosa, histoplasmosis scarring, dry eyes, and ischemic and diabetic retinopathy.  Dr. Kondrot, who is medical director of the Healing Eye Center in Dade City, Florida, has documented measurable improvements in visual fields and acuity in 85-90 percent of patients who have gone through his program.  Because his work has attracted many more patients than he can treat himself, he selected eleven physicians knowledgeable in integrative medicine to undergo training to be his affiliates.  Dr. Chappell was one of the physicians selected to undergo the training and become an affiliate.


Dr. Chappell is now offering Dr. Kondrot’s protocols to patients in our area.  Every patient chart is reviewed by Dr. Kondrot prior to treatment.  Patients undergo an intensive three day session at our office, with before and after visual testing.  If the results are encouraging, a three month treatment period (mostly at home) follows.  Then patients go on a maintenance program indefinitely to continue their improvement.

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