Five Pillars of Health

Celebration of Health Association can help you address whatever aspect of health concerns you, enhancing quality and longevity of life through peventive medicine and holistic healing. There are five pillars of health that we feel are important, and it may be possible that you need an in-depth healing cycle in one or more of these areas:


  • Spiritual Well-being and Emotional Stability
    • Circulation and Brain Function
      • Structural and Neurological Support
        • Immune System, Energy and Hormonal Balance
          • Providing Excellent Fuel and Eliminating Wastes Effectively


          We call our approach "Advanced Functional Medicine." We are especially interested in detecting health problems before they progress into obvious diseases as well as finding innovative solutions to complicated medical problems that do not respond sufficiently to conventional therapies.

          The first office visit consists of a history and physical examination, a review of past medical records, and laboratory tests that will help determine how well the body is functioning. Some therapy might begin with this visit.

          During the second office visit, the doctor will assess the test results and help you establish a treatment plan, which might include one or more of our healing cycles. A schedule of follow-up visits will be planned at that time.

          It is rare that any doctor can claim to cure an illness. We believe that the best approach is to do everything we can to enhance normal function so that the body can heal itself and restore homeostasis. This approach has been very successful. Once the body is back in balance, we usually need to make continuing efforts to maintain it.


The information on this website is only the opinion of COHA. It is not meant to be medical advice. Before you do anything, you should seek the advice of your personal physician. This is information only. No treatment is proposed, no cure is implied, and no claim is made for the effectiveness of any treatment or test.

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