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Synthetic sex hormone replacement with estrogens and premarin are dangerous because of an increased risk of cancer, especially over a long period of time. Many people with thyroid problems are missed because of over-reliance on the TSH test, and those treated with synthroid often receive less than optimal results. Adrenal exhaustion is common, especially for those with excessive physical and mental stress, but most physicians don’t even consider it.


Bio-identical hormone replacement from soy or yams is much safer than synthetics, in my opinion, although large scale, randomized controlled trials are lacking. They can be helpful during menopause or as part of a comprehensive approach to PMS and irregular menses. Many patients have typical hypothyroid symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, low heart rate and blood pressure, and constipation; but their thyroid blood tests are normal. Not infrequently, the thyroid is even tender to palpation, indicating thyroiditis. Morning basal temperatures under the arm are revealing when the readings are in the high 96’s or low 97’s. We do thermography to pick up hypometabollic states. Adrenal stress and exhaustion is easily picked up by measuring serial salivary cortisols during the day and evening.


Thyroid and adrenal deficiencies are readily treated using natural glandular extracts from animals. These give balanced hormones as they would appear in the body, which is particularly helpful because the body sometimes does not convert one hormone into a more active one, thus resulting in a low-functioning state despite lab tests that give the appearance of normalcy.


Both men and women can benefit from testosterone, the former obviously in higher doses. Both sexes can be treated with cream but sometimes shots or implanted pellets work better for males.



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