Hours, Insurance, and Payments





if you need to order supplements only,

you can email the order to
frontdesk@healthcelebration.com until May 30th.

We will also take supplement orders only
by phone on Monday April 6 from 9am to noon.

For all other emergency issues, please call or go to
your local physician or urgent care center.


If you feel you need COVID-19
testing, please call a Testing Center for information about setting up an appointment: close to us are

Bluffton at 419-369-2399, Findlay at 419-423-
7890, or Lima at 419-226-9000.


We are closed and unable to reopen.

Patients will be receiving a letter.

Payment is required at the time of service.  Cash, check, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard are accepted forms of payment.  An insurance form will be provided for each eligible service for the patient to submit to their insurance carrier. 

Medicare patients- we have opted out of the Medicare program and are a private contractor-call if you need more information.


Why We Have Opted Out of Insurance and Medicare

Our mission is to provide safe, innovative therapies to solve difficult health problems.  We have searched the world for 30 years to find and learn techniques to enhance normal function.

The medical-pharmaceutical-industrial complex limits itself to drugs and surgery.  Expensive tests claim to be more accurate than they are.  Insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid require that you receive only pre-authorized treatments that have been “proven” with hugely expensive, randomized, double-blind, clinical trials that were designed for an entirely different purpose.  No wonder that our health care system is going bankrupt while we rank near the bottom of first world countries in life expectancy!

Yes, we are a cash-based practice.  We are free to offer you the best medical care available.  Sometimes we suggest that conventional care would be the best choice for you.  But frequently, we offer other choices that in our experience might work better for you without the blocking actions of drugs and surgery, which can result in side effects and complications.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is usually much less expensive than conventional medicine.  Our costliest therapies might be as much as a 10-year old used car.  Conventional medicine is more likely to be covered by third parties, but if it does not work well for you, what good is that?

Medicare charges doctors with “fraud” if they provide “unproven” therapies (by the government’s definition).  Insurance companies have been known to report doctors to medical boards if they do not agree with the therapies chosen by the patient and doctor together.

We have opted out of the system so that we can be free to offer you the best care that we have found.  You might be able to get some of the cost of our care reimbursed by third parties. However, because we do not offer the “usual and customary” care that they determine is “medically necessary”, our tests and treatments might be rejected, even if highly effective for you.  Medicare does not cover care you receive in our office, but they might cover some of the tests that we order, if done elsewhere.

We do everything we can to provide you with cost-effective care.  We do not suggest tests and treatments that we feel are unnecessary or unlikely to be helpful.  We do not practice “defensive” medicine.  We do not even have malpractice insurance because that puts the patient and doctor as adversaries instead of partners.

We simply charge what is needed for us to stay in business.  And you pay us for services that we both anticipate will be worth a great deal to you.  We appreciate your trust in us.  We especially thank you for the friends and relatives you refer to us.  Many CAM medical practices throughout the U.S. have a business model similar to ours.  We appreciate them as colleagues.  We are blessed to have patients who agree that this is the way for us to go.

The information on this website is only the opinion of COHA. It is not meant to be medical advice. Before you do anything, you should seek the advice of your personal physician. This is information only. No treatment is proposed, no cure is implied, and no claim is made for the effectiveness of any treatment or test.

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