Institutional Review Board Activities (IRB)

  • In the 1980's Dr. Chappell was program chair for Scientific Meeting of the International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM), which was then called the Great Lakes College of Clinical Medicine. At that time, it was difficult to get research projects approved in alternative medicine because most of the Institutional Review Boards (IRB's) were either University-based and closed to the outside or outrageously expensive.
    • Dr. Chappell decided to form a blue-ribbon IRB for ICIM. The IRB was very successful and approved many excellent research projects. For several years. The FDA inspected the IRB and gave it full approval.
      • Then, suddenly, the FDA decided to add many new rules (and expenses) to IRB's across the country. Such IRB's as University of Chicago, Duke University and ICIM were temporarily shut down to meet these new requirements. The FDA was particularly hard on ICIM, because they dealt exclusively with alternative medicine.
        • The FDA kept saying the ICIM IRB could continue if they met the new requirements, but they kept adding requirements. ICIM's IRB members were all volunteers, and it simply did not have the resources to continue. So ICIM voluntarily disbanded their IRB.
          • Unfortunately, a group of unscrupulous doctors have tried to discredit Dr. Chappell and this excellent IRB by printing a couple of letters on the internet from the FDA that are entirely out of context. The letters sound much worse than the whole picture portrays. And the letters ignore the fine work of the IRB for over 10 years with full approval from the FDA. Hundreds of doctors and thousands of patients benefited from the work of the IRB. The only reasons it shut down were the financial constraints and the pressure from the FDA to avoid research from private doctors on alternative medicine.

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