Low Dose Allergens (LDA): A New Treatment Option for Lyme disease


To begin the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) October 12, 2015 meeting, Dr. WA Shrader will review basic LDA treatment of autoimmune diseases.


Dr. Ty Vincent has discovered a new LDA treatment for Lyme Disease, which he has named LDI (Low Dose Immunotherapy).  Ty told us last year (2014) that the success is exceptional in the extreme, and he has now treated several hundred patients.  He states that the success is dramatic if the patient actually has Lyme, positive Lyme or not.  His approach this year is new, and much safer and faster than last year’s approach.


This treatment for Lyme is almost too good to be true, and now other LDA physicians have experienced the success.   Their personal experience with Lyme has now been considerable, and patients with Lyme can often instantly have minimal to no symptoms.

New this year, Dr. Morgan Camp will tell us about other new LDA/LDI treatments he is using with remarkable success, from Chlamydia to Lyme to EBV.  It seems that potential LDA antigens abound, and Dr. Camp is very excited with the new success of these LDA/LDI approaches. 


The breakthrough with autologous antigens, Lyme, viral and other antigens is truly a game changer with LDA.  ‘WE are now offering these treatments at COHA. 


NO ANTIBITOTICS!  Spectacular results for many patients!


This report is based on an email from Dr. Shrader and our experience at COHA.

Terry Chappell, M.D.



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