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I don’t do a lot of testing, but rather try to designate resources for Treatment as much as possible. To test for yeast imbalance, I usually do a Stool culture. Some refer to do Organic acid testing of the urine, which I do occasionally. The advantage is that in addition to yeast it tests for other imbalances, such as oxalic acid (this was the cause of my kidney stones). It is a urine test, pretty expensive and sometimes hard to interpret. Yeast is most commonly present if a child has had a lot of antibiotics, has abdominal complaints, or craves sugar. I usually do an Elisa food allergy test for 99 foods (from the blood). Food allergies are usually a significant factor in treatment. We treat either with an elimination diet, injections, or by tapping on acupuncture points, called SRT, which is quite effective. A hair analysis for toxic metals is pretty much outdated because it has been shown that a problem with some kids is that they accumulate lead, mercury, aluminum and other metals by not excreting them, so they do not show up in the hair. I do some kind of challenge test. With kids, it is often a collection of stool after taking an oral spray called metal free for a few days. Metals can play a big role for ADHD if present. Rather than test for vitamins and minerals, which is not very accurate, I just treat with a multivitamin. I also use fish oil or other essential fatty acid and a homeopathic called mental clarity routinely. Amino acids can be important. Testing can be helpful to identify specific imbalances, but the treatment is difficult, sometimes requiring supplements several times a day. This applies to testing for neurotransmitters, like dopamine, seratonin, and adrenalin. Another avenue is to do a simple spot urine for all amino acids. A compounding pharmacy can then mix up replacement powder tailored for that specific child. The aa testing is not expensive, the treatment is fairly pricey, but easy to take. We have just ordered a new supplement called Empower plus, a powder that covers the basic vitamins, minerals, and amino acids without testing. The reported results are good, and many patients have been able to reduce or stop psychotropic meds by taking Empower plus. We sometimes do an adrenal stress index to look for abnormal cortisol levels. Cortisol helps you deal with stress, and abnormalities are easily treated with natural supplements.


Some other treatments that we do without testing are peptide shots from . This requires a series of about a dozen shots at 3-week intervals, and only a few docs have them available (probably not practical for you at this point). Home use of vitamin B12 shots (methylhydroxycobalamine) are usually very helpful but have to be continued. These are cheap and easy. Finally and primarily, I would teach Andy the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which he can do himself to quiet down and focus. I can show you how to do this with a paper handout and a phone call.


I know this is a lot of info, and we rarely would have to do all of it for one child. My approach would be to discuss the options with the parents (and sometimes the child), prioritize, and start testing and treating until we get good results. Others would do a battery of tests for everyone and then start treating. That is OK but it can be a lot more expensive, and some tests are done that don’t turn out to be needed.







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