PEMF-pulsed electromagnetic fields

Pulsed electromagnetic fields, (PEMF) which are used to improve circulation, cell metabolism, and cellular health. A pulsed electromagnetic field is able to penetrate through the body and create a cascade of effects, allowing the body to heal and repair itself at a cellular level.  Some of the basic beneficial actions of treatment are increased circulation, enhanced muscle function, reduced pain and inflammation, stress reduction, bone healing, decreased migraines, improved sleep quality, reduced anxiety/depression, blood oxygenation, and more. We have had great success with patients since adding this therapy and continue to learn more about its versatile uses for patients. It is a great therapy to be paired with Vitamin IVs, Ozone IVs, Hyperbaric Oxygen, or NanoVi Therapy. Call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chappell and see if PEMF therapy is right for you.

Josiah Wagner Technician getting PEMF

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