Protocols January 2013

Our goals in general are:
--Avoid surgery whenever possible
--Feel better, stop pain
--Live longer with an excellent quality of life
--Minimize drugs, utilize natural supplements that are effectiveI. Cardiovascular Disease

A. Hypertension and Prehypertension
1. Specific goal—BP 120/70 -130/80
2. Concepts—Diet, exercise, stress control, toxic metals, allergy
3. Tests—metals challenge, cardio risk, EKG, ICG, HRV, PBA, elisa,
magnesium, routine lab
4. Therapies—Weight loss, low salt, chelation with maintenance, Kaufman, SRT, BP natural relief, cardiostolix, magnesium taurine, garlic, biocardioenzyme, arginine, medications only if needed
B. Hyperlipidemia (cholesterol)
1. Specific goals—LDL-C <100,  HDL >50-60, low triglycerides, Lp(a) and small particle size.  Waist size <35, 40
2. Concepts—Diet, exercise, stress
3. Tests—Lipid panel, VAP, Lp(a), cardio risk, PBA, EKG, ICG
4. Therapies—Lipicontrol, red yeast, niasafe, CoQ10, cinnamon, fiber, fish oils, medications only if needed
C. Diabetes, Prediabetes, Metabollic syndrome
1. Specific goals—FBS 89, HBA1C  5.9-7.0,  BP 130/80, LDL-C <100, prevent small and large vessel vascular complications
2. Concepts—Diet, exercise, stress control, Waist size < 35, 40, check eyes and feet.
3. Tests—CMP+, HBA1C, HRV, ICG, cardio risk, PBA, EKG, metals challenge
4. Therapies—Weight loss, chelation with maintenance, Co-DM, Cm-Core, cinnamon, chromium, fish oils, medications only if needed
D. Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries)
1. Specific goals--prevent cardiac events, including heart attacks, sudden death, strokes, and the need for surgery
2. Concepts—avoid plaque formation, rupture, and clot formation
3. Tests—EKG, ICG, HRV, cardio risk, PBA, Echo, CT for calcium score, A/B index or Doppler, routine lab, CRPsens, homocysteine, fibrinogen, vitamin D3
4. Therapies—Diet, exercise, stress, SRT or Kaufman, Chelation, d-ribose, CoQ10, carnitine synergy, magnesium taurine, fish oils, nattokinase, theramil, biocardioenzyme, arginine or lysine, vitamin D, medications only if needed.

Celebration of Health Association
A noninvasive medical center
L. Terry Chappell, M.D., Medical Director

Our goals in general are:
--Avoid surgery whenever possible
--Feel better, stop pain
--Live longer with an excellent quality of life
--Minimize drugs, utilize natural supplements that are effective

I.  Cardiovascular (continued)
E. Memory loss
1.  Specific goals—improve memory and mental function
2. Concepts—remove toxins, improve neurotransmitters, improve circulation, avoid strokes, control BP, lipids, and blood sugar
3. Tests—cardio risk, metal challenge, FBS, neurotransmitter urine test, CSA, Thyroid, HRV
4. Therapies—Prevagen, Neurotone, Chelation, NMTE, yeast control
F. Macular degeneration
1. Specific goals—improve eyesight or stop degeneration of eyesight.
2. Concepts—improve circulation and function of the retina
3. Tests—retinal photography, eye chart visual test, cardio risk, specialist consultation
4. Therapies—Chelation, Wright mineral IVs, Ocudyne
II. Pain and Inflammation
A. Arthritis, Back pain, Neck pain, and Unstable joints
1. Specific goals—relieve pain and improve function, avoid surgery
2. Concept—strengthen and repair ligaments that support the joints
3. Tests—Xrays or MRI
4. Therapies--Prolotherapy, prolo max, avoid NSAIDs
B. Soft tissue pain and tenderness, headaches
1. Specific goals—relieve pain, improve function and fatigue, relieve stress and depression
2. Concept—relieve trigger points, improve neurotransmitters
3. Tests—Elisa, CSA, Adrenal, Thyroid, sleep study, HRV, Yu testing, Metals challenge test, neurotransmitter urine test
4. Therapies—Kaufman, Laser, Acupuncture, Neural therapy, SRT (or LDA)—emphasize maintenance, antioxidants, glucosamine,  MSM, fish oils, antifungals, probiotics, d-ribose, virapress, hormones, amino acids, vitamin B12, naltrexone, homeopathy, Chelation, vitamin C/glutathione IVs, herbals, hypnotics, Empower plus, anxiety natural relief, medications only if needed.

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