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Some of the most common medications prescribed in this country are to deal with stress, depression and sleep disorders. These medications can be helpful temporarily, but whenever possible, the best results in the long run can be with natural alternatives. Regular exercise, minimal caffeine and sugar, limited fluids after supper (especially avoiding alcohol) and relaxing activities in the evening can be very helpful.


Herbal supplements such as valerian, peanrich, St. John’s Wort and passiflora, melatonin, SAMe, and amino acids such as 5-hydroxy tryptophan can be effective aids to control stress. Homeopathics are often helpful and act quickly. Sometimes neurotransmitters must be measured, and specific combinations of amino acids are prescribed in order to bring them back into balance.


The adrenal function should be measured throughout the day with a saliva test. Usually the cortisol levels are low in patients suffering with stress-related conditions. If the adrenals are exhausted, supplements can have a wonderful effect. An Alpha-stim machine can increase endorphins and help with stress. Pulse Stimulation Treatments (PST) provide battery-operated electrical stimulation to the ear over time to boost endorphins. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT),  involves affirmations and tapping on acupuncture points. It is very effective for most people.

Massage therapy and Reiki are excellent to rebalance energy and relieve stress. Bio-identical hormone therapy can relieve imbalances that sometimes cause stress and depression. Painless needle acupuncture can be helpful as well.


We feature non-drug, effective treatments for stress-related problems. Only after a complete history and physical can we lay out an individualized treatment program to get the best results.








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