It is essential to nurture spiritual and emotional healing and growth. Energy work is one way to affect change on spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels. We encourage you to find a combination of therapies and practices that are enjoyable and helpful to you on your way to wellness. Our orientation is Christian and all of the services we recommend are consistent and compatible with Christian beliefs. If you are of another faith we will respect this and will make every effort to provide you with services that are fully compatible with your beliefs.


Adrenal Exhaustion: Your adrenal glands secrete cortisol, which helps you deal with physical and mental stress. If the adrenals are frequently asked to produce a lot of cortisol, they get exhausted and have no reserve when you need them. The Adrenal Stress Index, a saliva test, tells us if your adrenals are exhausted. If so, we can support your adrenals with natural supplemnts and eventually they will recover.


Herbal Therapies: We have several herbal combinations that can help with depression and anxiety, usually without side effects.


Neurotransmitter: We can measure your neurotransmitters and bring them back into balance with natural amino acids.

Pain Neutralization Technique (PNT): Eliminate pain and have lasting relief from chronic pain.  The work of Steven Kaufman, D.C., from Denver, Colorado started treating trigger points and myofascial pain many years ago.  A trigger point is an area in a muscle that's painful when pressed; it very often causes a patient's pain or other symptoms.

Dr. Kaufman discovered that you can often relieve pain by gentle tissue pressure that dissolves trigger points.  The effect is noticed immediately, but several sessions might be required for long-lasting relief.  Many types of pain respond to PNT.


Sensitivity Reduction Technique (SRT ):  is a technique that assists in reduction or elimination of allergies and sensitivities. It is a non-invasive, drug free, and natural solution to reduce/eliminate sensitivities. SRT utilizes kinesiolodgy, homeopathy, and (needle-free) acupressure.



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