Chelation/IV Treatment

When I first saw Dr. Chappell, I had very severe headaches along with many other health complaints. Thanks to Dr. Chappell, after 2 or 3 chelation treatments, my headaches were gone. I would recommend anyone with health problems to your office. I have a great faith in your way of treatment. To this day, my health (6 months later) has improved drastically and I am almost back to normal. I feel so thankful for your help…Edna Bontrager

Chelation – oral and Intravenous regulate my diabetes thru Dr. Chappell’s wise counsel. Felt better, able to function more effectively. Doneta Warren

For many years if a friend told me that he or she had high blood pressure, I always told him or her to go to see Dr. Chappell for chelation. So, when I was told that I had high blood pressure, I immediately went to Dr. Chappell to arrange to begin chelation. And, of course it is working. Norm Stratford

Had heel-foot pain and went to see a foot doctor. He couldn’t help. Dr. Chappell found I had heavy metals and hardening of arteries in the lower left leg. After treatment, no pain now for 3 years. Nathan Hendricks

I started chelation at age 75. I felt years younger after 15 – 30 IV’s and good energy. I’m 90 and taking care of myself in my own home. Enjoy making quilts, and reading and getting out with people, my church, visiting nursing homes where some friends are now, being with my family. Naomi Dobson

The chelation helped the arteries and also I was relieved of 3-day headaches every month or more. Also it greatly improved hayfever. Judy Blankemeyer

I cannot praise everyone here enough! I spent two years searching for help before walking thru your door. I was beginning to think I was never going to be myself again. I cannot thank you enough. 8 weeks – I’m Back! Amy Fisher

After treatment I have had more energy and feel like it has kept me from having a heart attack. Gloria Foust

Helped my arthritis (some) also helped blood vessels, etc., and headaches were better. James Heilman

Since 2007 chelation for heavy metals, I am not worn out by 1 P.M. and don’t feel tired when I wake up in the morning. Keith Kline

In my mid 70’s I became a widower, and sometime later I met a woman and began dating again. After two years of dating we were getting serious, but I was tired all the time and feeling lousy. After some heart tests I was told my future was grim. I decided to get a second opinion. Dr. Chappell ran some tests and found that my lead levels were very high. After 30 chelation treatments, I am like a new man, and have regained the vitality of my youth. I will soon be 77 years old, and was recently married. Thanks to chelation, I am once again enjoying life, and all the benefits of marriage. Dr. Chappell’s recommendation of natural cures, along with chelation and exercise, has given me a second chance. George Hanna

I received a Hep B vaccine for my employment & within 12 hrs. I had a severe reaction. Every joint in my body was so painful it felt like they were on fire. None of the local doctors could help me. I went to Dr. Chappell the day & after one IV the reaction was gone & I was pain free. Pamela Gregg

After years of tachycardia and three angioplasties, chelation therapy (1) eliminated angina (2) largely eliminated tachycardia (3) in about a year lowered cholesterol (4) unanticipated bonus, eliminated gout symptoms. Carl Wolf

Dr. Chappell’s chelation treatments and accurate supplement prescription and referrals for NAET treatments helped my otherwise misdiagnosed condition. Without the chelation and the continued care over the last 10 years, I doubt that I would still be here today to write this testimonial. Khani Begum

Took away numbness. Clifford Israel

We were questioning whether I was dying or not after seeing Dr after Dr. and no one being able to help. The first time we saw Dr. Chappell, we received hope, he said he thought he could help. Leaning on God, and following Dr Chappell’s recommendations, I am doing so much better. I function close to normal especially when I stay on track with my eating & supplement regime. We tell everyone about how I was able to get better without prescription drugs and with Dr. Chappell’s advice. Sanna Hill-Aikin

The chelation therapy has reduced the metal levels in my body. Also the medications have reduced the swelling in my legs by 50%. James Stark

Since getting chelation I have had more energy and my chest pains quit. Richard Wahl


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