I was in a lot of pain 3 weeks ago when I started and now I am very grateful for the dramatic improvement, thank you more than I can say. John Butler

1 ½ - 2 years ago, I began seeing Dr. Chappell for blood pressure and osteoarthritis. After full testing, Dr. replaced Blood Pressure med (which I had gained 15 # from) with mild water pill! Excellent results! B.P. went to normal & stayed; no more weight gain. Dr. also performed Prolotherapy on neck (worst area) and I went pain free until recently, when it is acting up again; however not nearly as severe as before treatment. Thank You! Beverly Rampe

I have noticed a little improvement in my symptoms since my first treatment. I am looking forward to more improvement. Ross Anderson

My back is feeling stronger all the time- I am able to do more that I was. Patty Parnell

My right knee has given me very little problem after the prolotherapy. Karl Kennedy

Prolotherapy helped restore knee and shoulder. Richard Blasé

I was wracked with muscle spasms & severe pain in my back. Chiropractic adjustments would not hold. I was considering seeing an orthopedic surgeon when I heard about Dr. Chappell who started me on R.T. I have been paid free for 13 years now & have no need for a chiropractor! Wendy Hutchinson

Three years ago, I was told I would have to have back surgery. I held off for 1 ½ yrs. Then heard about prolotherapy, searched around until I found a doctor who did this procedure. This past summer I raised a large garden. I picked 100 ft. row of beans without having to stand up and rest. Ellen Linebarger

I came to Dr. Chappell with extreme pain & weakness in my right knee, by the recommendation of a friend. After Four treatments my knee was less painful & stronger, at present treatment. #9 I am back to normal, my knee is no longer hindering my walking or at work. Henry Schlabach

I came here on the recommendation of my sisters, who also had feet pain & Dr. Chappell helped them. I have 2 vacations planned abroad & I needed to be able to walk. My Rt. Foot was painful enough, I considered getting my daughter’s crutches to walk! After 3 visits, I could say I had a day pain free – the first time since summer. (I’ve since regressed – one week with Dr. Chappell gone & my co-advising our Jr. Class with prom decorating, chaperoning, and clean up – a lot of time on my feet & on hard floors. My feet are starting to really hurt again. I look forward to regular shots again & healing.) Pat Yoh

Twisted knee doing concrete work on home farm. Tore meniscus and stressed medial collateral ligament. Conventional medics encouraged partial knee replacement. Opted for prolotherapy instead. One year after treatment my knee feels completely normal and I have no feeling that there was ever anything wrong with it. Richard Aschbaugh

I tore a ligament in my neck, was totally incapacitated – severe pain and instability! After 2 prolo treatments, I knew I was on the right path, and after 6, I am well enough to function. I have avoided surgical fusion of my neck. (I hope permanently!) Thank you Dr. Chappell and your terrific staff! Norene Nungester

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