Do I have the Toxic Metal Timebomb?

Symptoms -- Mental fog, increased inflammation, free radicals, fatigue, pain, hardening of the arteries, hypertension, neurologic problems, chronic illness that does not get better


      Aluminum -- Common metal in the environment, aliminum foil, teas, antacids, cans, cosmetics, food  

      additives, fillings.  Accumulates in lungs, kidneys, thyroid, liver, bone and especially the brain.

      Antimony -- Found in fertilizers, solder, flame retardants, tobacco, food and water, pottery, cookware. 

        Can cause problems in intestine, liver, kidneys and especially the heart.

      Arsenic -- Found in cereals, seafood and shellfish, pesticides, treated wood (green color), fuel oils, in soil. 

        Accumulates in liver, kidneys, hair, nails, bone, muscle.

      Barium -- Found in medical tests, printing, dyes, plastics, pesticides, fuel additives.  Can displace

        potassium in muscle, heart and nerve cells.

      Beryllium -- Found in electrical devices, industrial smoke, nuclear processing.  Mostly respiratory

        symptoms, scarring, cancer.

      Bismuth -- Found in water, food, air pollution, medications and supplements.  Rarely a problem.

      Cadmium -- Found in cigarette smoke, refined foods and shellfish, air and water pollution, coffee and tea,

         batteries, dental materials, water pipes.  Biggest problem is depressed immunity. 

      Lead -- Very toxic.  Widespread pollutant.  Found in dirt, paint chips, breast milk, soldering, pigments,

        gasoline, inks, pottery, plumbing.  Interferes with normal metals, cell membranes, blood cells, blood

        pressure, heart and circulation.  Can cause cancer and digestive problems.  Is a potent neurotoxin.  

      Mercury -- Found mostly in fish and dental amalgams.  Also found in pollution, tatoos, dyes,

        thermometers.  Effects are primarily in brain, nerve tissue and immune system.

      Nickel -- Found in jewelry, fillings, permanents, cooking, batteries, tap water, tobacco.  Mild toxicity, but  

        can cause allergies.

      Thallium -- Found in topical medications, pollution, film, dyes.  Can cause digestive problems and  

         fatigue.   Is a neurotoxin.  Accumulates in kidneys and heart.

      Tin -- Found in cans, processed food, toothpaste, metal aloys, dyes, plastics, pottery.  Accumulates in

         kidneys, liver, brain and lymph system.

     Uranium -- Found in drinking water, soil and dust.  Affects kidneys with lead-like effects, but not as toxic.

     Excessive iron -- Increases free radicals, depresses  immunity.  Can cause arthritis, cancer, heart

        problems.  Inherited tendency to accumulate it.

Screening tests -- Hair analysis, serum ferritin (for iron)

Challenge Tests - (Definitive)

     1.     Day 1 -- DMSA (captomer) 250 - 500 mg
             Day 2 -- Repeat DMSA and get IV chelation treatment (in office)
             Collect 6 hour urine pre and post

      2.   For children -- Metal-Free spray
            0-3 yrs..--2 sprays 3x/day, then 2 sprays once a day for 4 days
            3-6 yrs.--4 sprays 3x/day 1st day, then 4 sprays once a day for 4 days
            6-10 yrs.--6 sprays 3x/day 1st day, then 6 sprays once a day for 4 days
            Collect stool specimen pre and post

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