Treatment Center-Toledo

Integrative Medical Treatment Center in

Toledo, Ohio 

3153 Sylvania Ave

near the corner of Secor and Sylvania

Toledo office hours-we are generally open

10:00am to 5:00pm    ~    Thursdays



to schedule an appointment,

call the Bluffton office during office hours,

Mon & Tues 8-5, Weds, 8-4, and Thurs 8-1pm

800-788-4627 or 419-358-4627




--Prolotherapy—tiny injections around unstable joints that can stimulate a re-growth and strengthening of ligaments.  This treatment might stabilize your joints for many years.

--Pain Neutralization Technique (PNT), developed by Steve Kaufmann, DC—can rapidly relieve pain and trigger points with light touch in precisely the correct points of the body.  A series of 6-8 treatments is usually required for long-lasting results.


--Intravenous chelation therapy to remove toxic metals and according to TACT to improve circulation.   Patients are usually delighted with how much better they feel.  Our studies have shown a lower incidence of heart attacks in patients who have received the therapy.


--Energy revitalization by treating yeast imbalance, thyroid and adrenal problems.  We offer the famous Myer’s Cocktail, a short IV consisting of high potency vitamins and minerals.



Patients of all ages are welcome.

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